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it's all about fit!

We seek out collaborative partnerships with ambitious, innovative, companies who value human connection. We’re also agile and creative and pride ourselves in flexing and shaping to complement the aspirations and dreams of our partners.


We’ve got this. We’ve done this before. We will support you in the design and implementation of a world class customer operation solution that will inspire lifelong relationships with your customers. 





The implementation piece is a compelling string to our bow! With an overarching project manager, we rally our cross-functional mobilisation team, afford time to project scoping and  the capture of requirements with regular communication flow across all key workstreams.



& Revolutionising the
Customer Journey 

Shockvoyce is accustomed to offering solutions that encapsulate the very essence of our partners’ brands. At the very heart of this, is Quality. Embedding clear guidelines and expectations around Quality drives both a personalised and an exemplary customer interaction. Quality in Shockvoyce is an exciting journey, as we strive to make best in class behaviours an ongoing habit, and not just an intermittent activity.


Our Quality support methodology incorporates the systematic design of score cards, rigorous calibration sessions, consistent call monitoring, coaching and targeted training. All with a view to enhancing customer trust and confidence while inspiring a unique, ‘best-in-class’ partner customer experience.


Our People

devoted to a Disruptive yet Fulfilling Experience

Our people are the vital sticky glue crystallising ShockVoyce with our partners.  At ShockVoyce, we go out of our way to source the best people – those who will embrace our cultures and be inspired and invigorated by change and challenge. Wearing our partners’ hats, we become the real-life extension of your brand, living, breathing your culture and aspirations. We seek out those with keen solutioning powers, an innate desire to delight and a real flair for the creative.



to Deliver the Exceptional 

At Shockvoyce, training is the foundation on which all Agents (affectionately known as Shockies) start their journey with us. We afford time and resolve to allow us both craft and deliver a premium training experience.  Share with us your product, processes and culture and we’ll interweave the all-important soft skills piece, ensuring competent product knowledge, while aligning the team to our values and instilling a compassion, an empathy and a real care.  In fact, we have designed, and we take get pride in, our very own module on the delivery of Exceptional Customer Experience, or ECX.